Words Are Cheap – Get the Kodak to Arouse Passions & Productivity

A manager inquires about the status of a particular job.  “I’m on it” is the spirited reply.  A parent wants to know how his daughter is doing in school.  “I’m doing my best” is the answer that ends the inquiry.  Words are bantered about full of sound and good intentions but signify only illusion.  When work is off schedule or grades drop below promises, a communication failure is the only picture that’s in focus.

When we ask others to make good on their job or responsibilities, why do we accept their mirages?  The answers we hear are just more promises saturated with the false impression of future improvements.

“I know I can do it now.”

“I will do better tomorrow.”

“You can count on me.”

“It will never happen again.”

Do we realize that these vague responses offer assurances but no reality?  How many times have we heard them?  And how many times have we been shortchanged on results?  As long as we continue to accept these surface and nondescript futures, we will continue to perpetuate a masquerade.  To get past a pattern of smoke and mirrors, we must pursue better communication.  This will reveal truth over deception and empower results over exaggeration.

Good communication is about the interaction of a Sender and Receiver.  Senders are capable of truth OR telling us what we want to hear.  So to facilitate productive communication that ends this charade of misleading expectations, a skilled Receiver is needed.  After all, without a listener there is never any real communication or the changes we ask for.

The prime characteristics of a good listener is emotional intelligence, resilience and especially motivation.  After all it’s feelings that fuel all our attitudes and behaviors.  When paying attention to someone, it is essential you keep your feelings in balance.  A Receiver knows that when listening to someone, not to get swept up in any emotions that might provoke you to get off track.  In other words, it’s not personal, it’s about them, not you.  You want to fuel their emotions, not get lost in yours.  This is an essential skill of a skilled Receiver.

“I know I can do it now.”

“Great.  And what you know is…?

Well, I know that people are relying on me so I won’t let them down.”

“Sounds good.  And you won’t let them down because what you’re going to do differently would be…”

“Hey, I said I’d take care of it.  What do you want me to do, spell it out?”

“OK, you’re shields are up, understandable.   But I’m the one who believes in you.  What would really help me though, is if you would spell it all out for me so I know my belief in you is solid.  This time you won’t be letting ANYONE down.  So, what you’ll be doing differently this time is…”

“Well for one, I know that this is a team effort so I’m going to ask for help right from jump rather than thinking I can do it all on my own.”

“Great start.  And then…”

A skilled Receiver maintains an objective emotional balance.  This is NOT a Sender firing off questions to extract details.  A Receiver believes that they are here for the Sender so their tone, presence and gestures assures not an interrogation, but a gentle curiosity.  This sets the stage for the Sender to relax and let honesty flow.  They can relate how they see themselves carrying out their goal with a series of actions. This realization ignites an energy for a goal driven pursuit.

A Receiver goes for kodaks that present a clear picture of behavior.  No promises, illusions or reassurances without a progressive sequence of actions that illustrate how something will be accomplished.

Collect the kodaks to up the productivity which will fuel their drive and you’ll get goals accomplished.  After all, it’s not what is said, it’s what is done.  Actions Create Change!  When you want improvement instead of knee-jerk assurances, collect the kodaks.  It’s a much better MOVVE!™  This is one of the MOVVE™ assets I share when coaching managers, business owners and parents.  MOVVE™ is the application of Elite Motivation that uses specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices to rally productivity, passions  and results.


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