The Triple A Energizes Achievements

fix-it-nowTom gave me a call yesterday because he was working with a person whose get up and go, got up and left.  Tom originally had been impressed with Ray’s ability to enter a room and charm everyone with his wit and personality.  Toss in the fact that so many people know and like him, and Tom knew that training Ray to be a sales agent would be a profitable win-win.  Sure, he had fallen on tough times personally and financially, but Ray had been a top salesman in another industry.  The future looked so bright sunglasses would be needed.

That was two months ago.  Hence, the phone call.  I reminded Tom that communication is more about listening than talking.  A great way to facilitate communication is by using one of our special MOVVE™ Active Actions called the Triple A.

The Triple A is a powerful energizer that motivates productivity and achievements.  The Triple A stands for Awareness, Attitude and Action.  Using it with someone causes them to be focused and motivated into accomplishing what they want.  They succeed with a burst of energy and behavior.

WIIFM1Communicating with someone means there is a sender and a receiver.  A “Sage”and a “Send-Say”.  The Triple A is a true receiver Send-Say asset.  Now, what I mean by that is everyone, as Tom reminds me, is tuned to that same radio station, WIFM.  “What’s In It For Me.”  That’s right, reality tends to be a selfish quest.  We are more likely to take action when we directly benefit.

Unfortunately, managers, family or friends usually speak as senders preaching about the rewards and profits there are to be gained.  That’s the usual way we talk, we send.  Short, simple and direct.  Connect the dots for someone else so they realize the error of their ways and they’ll start doing the right things.  This is a true sender expectation no matter how unrealistically false it is.  If you tell someone what to do and they do it, your work is done.  Mission accomplished!  Sender success!  Hey, I love that KISS method.  “Keep It Short & Simple.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90However, when that sender approach fails, as it often does, then LISTEN!  After all, it is the receiver that facilitates communication and empowers motivation.  If they’re checked out, they’re not tuned in to what you’re saying.  So, when applying the Awareness step of the Triple A, you would speak as a Send-Say using a Fill-In-The Blank technique, “So, the most important thing YOU WANT to accomplish this morning is…?”   Keep it Short & Simple – target what they want within 4 hours or less!

starting-line-4No matter what you the manager, parent, family or friend KNOW what they SHOULD do, you are setting the stage to LISTEN to what they WANT.  So when you use the Triple A you are the receiver in the Send-Say role.  You’re the listener who helps the Sender express their WIIFM desire.

Remember, communication AND motivation that is effective and sustaining is facilitated by the receiver – the Send-Say.

attitudechangeseverythingThe next A is Attitude and this two step delivery creates the emotional driver that cues behavior.  After all, feelings are what drives our attitude and behaviors.  So, after they give you an answer, you reply with a Rephrase technique and another Fill-In-The-Blank.  “GREAT, and when you accomplish it, what that would really MEAN to you is…?”

Remember, you are channeling their WIIFM emotions so when they answer, you use another Rephrase and Fill-In-The Blank.  “THAT’S TERRIFIC, so then you’d be feeling…?” Again, you are the receiver who demonstrates that “Listening Leadership” of a Send-Say. 

Your tone, gestures and vocal inflection conveys the authenticity of a Send-Say, a genuine receiver.  Since people are tuned to WIIFM, it’s imperative that you listen to what they want and boost it with a focus tuned to their own feelings.  They now have the energy driver to do something.

WiifmThe final A is Action.  So, stay as a Send-Say and speak with yet another Fill-In-The Blank.  “So, the FIRST thing you need to do to get this going would be…?” So, listen to what they want, fuel them to visualize what accomplishing it would mean and FEEL for them, and set the stage for their focused behavior by hearing what they’ll do first to spark their success.

The next day you ask how their efforts went!  Then do another Triple A to demonstrate that results are all about their Awareness, Attitude and Action.  A good receiver tunes in to senders so they follow WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me.”

Triple A is a MOVVE™ Active Action used by a receiver.  It works!  If you need help with your Send-Say language or motivation drivers, contact me and I’ll help you make your MOVVE!™

movve logoMOVVE™ is the application of Elite Motivation.  It’s all about using specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices that motivate attitudes and actions in the pursuit of productivity, teamwork and goal achievements.  I hope you see how this clears your WIIFM channel so you can MOVVE™ your team, family or friends forward both personally and professionally.



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