The Suicide Solution

every secondSuicide is our visible horror story.  HOPE for answers have been decimated by suicide’s shocking statistical realities. For youth, 15-24 years old, suicide is the second leading cause of death.  It is the leading killer of our men and women in the armed forces.  Worldwide, suicide is committed every minute. HOPE is not a strategy that will resolve this.

Professional prescriptions, counseling, education and public awareness have been our best suicide strategies.  Unfortunately, they all have fallen short. Pharmaceutical medicines and therapy have such a social stigma that most avoid seeking help. Far too many smart suicidal people have demonstrated that education and awareness are not the deterrents we had hoped.

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Isn’t it time for a more effective approach?


We know that those contemplating suicide have dark, consuming thoughts of being stuck, alone and powerless.  This obsessive thinking exacerbates depression and feelings of anger, apathy, guilt and not being wanted or needed.

sitting stats 2Talking therapies are often avoided  or ineffective because it is so very difficult to share feelings most are ashamed having.  “Let’s talk about it” doesn’t open doors or free tongues into confessing painful thoughts and secrets.

Imagine a procedure that engages suicidal thinking and feelings.  This wouldn’t be a place for advice or lectures. You don’t just sit and talk.  You get up and connect by demonstrating familiar situations with realistic attitudes and actions.  Abnormal preoccupations with violence, risky behaviors and dying change with MOVVE™, a unique procedural application of Emotional Motivation.

Why “Emotional Motivation?”  Because FEELINGS FUEL ALL THOUGHTS, ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS!  Ideas, plans, intentions, science or strategies all pale without desire, passion, courage, perseverance, loyalty, trust, endurance, ambition, resilience…

inspire redWe live in a culture of TV, videos and reality shows.  First   guests and participants sit and watch. Then they offer feedback, criticism and challenges. They are invited to get up and show how they would deal with familiar and realistic situations.  Exposing silent suffering to flexible feelings, innovation and energizing alternatives, creates a stage for risk taking and trust.

MOVVE™ inspires their creativity and participation to free them from their suicidal silence.  Now they can share, explore and create healthier choices with a resilient kaleidoscope of emotions and strategies.

MOVVE™ is an award winning procedure that has been around for over 30 years.  It’s been used in Juvenile Facilities, Corrections, Educational Institutions, School Districts and Business Organizations.  It’s been highly successful in changing toxic behavioral patterns, improving attitudes, creating supportive teamwork and motivating goal-driven behaviors.

movve logoMOVVE™ is a procedural application of  Emotional Motivation that can be used by teachers, therapists and all those working in suicide prevention.  Practitioners will have a remarkable resource for engaging a hard to reach population.  Healthier attitudes and actions result.

MOVVE™ teaches specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices. It provides practitioners with a stimulating stage of creative resources to motivate positive choices and changes.  Participants are empowered to employ adaptive attitudes, healthier behaviors and a continuous pursuit of accomplishment and personal improvement.

MOVVE™ spells out a focus of five emotional motivations.  Mobilize thoughts and feelings into changing bad to better.  Organize brain and body into progressive actions that pursue improvements.  Visualize having abilities, resources and seeking support to resolve all challenges.  Verbalize with skills that rally support and open closed minds.  Energize feelings to fuel behaviors that pursue and accomplish goals.

Here is a snapshot of how it works:

Participants drive and facilitators steer

Participants discover their passion to improve themselves

Talking translates into activities, attitudes and achievements

Seeking to be healthier is planned and applied by participants

Participants build skills with practice, rehearsal and application

Challenges and frustrations fuel determination and perseverance

Lite at end of tunnelOur suicide slaughter is not stopping.  So don’t you stop or limit your skills training and development to traditional strategies that miss the mark.  Isn’t it time to step outside conventional modalities and learn a more effective approach?

MOVVE™ can be used in group environments, classrooms or exhibited in presentations to initiate impact and interest.  Facilitator trainings are available for counselors, therapists, social workers, doctors and anyone who has an interest in really stopping this suicide sickness.

Contact Cindy Fransen MSW, LICSW of Therapeutic Innovations at 509 713-3140 or Jamie Cox M.Ed., ADN at for more information about training and materials.

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My Guidebook, which offers a graphic filled step-by-step format can also be found on Amazon and Kindle.  Here’s the link:  MOVVE – The Five Keys of Elite Motivation

Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: or at our website:  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.




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