That “Smart” Diet Is DUMB!

We hunger for getting those diet and exercise programs to work for us.  We want to succeed so we focus on the advise of experts.  After all, they write books, appear on talk shows and tell us what to do on those infomercials.  We capitalize on their facts, stats and science to help us lose weight.

Richards Simmons succeeded. So did Susan Powter, Jenny Craig and Dick Gregory.  Those gurus all tell a compelling story.  Hopeless attempts to lose weight plagued them until they discovered that unique, special formula enabling them to lose vat loads of fat. They obviously have the answers of how we can slim down and be fat free.  If they can do it, so can we, right?

We enviously gaze at their un-retouched before and after photos. With great hope we read their stories, and long to be like them.  Like deer in the headlights, we are mesmerized by their success.

So, how many of us, with that thin vision for ourselves, forked out buckets of cash?  Have you too listened to those endless drones of over-hyped, motivational speeches on DVDs, videos or audio cassettes?  Have you  deprived yourself by indulging in plate after plate of sugar-free, fat-free, calorie-free and taste-free foods?  Did you pop diet pills to the point of shaky vibrations or sweat to the oldies until you dropped like a rock and rolled out?Did you join health clubs, fitness centers or hire personal trainers?  Did you commit to classes, lessons and exercise buddies?  Did your strict regimen of daily workouts dwindle to few and fewer?  Is that club membership collecting dust as your waistline collects inches?

Did you think that if you had workout equipment at home, exercise would be easier?  So did you invest in enough equipment to start your own fitness center?  Don’t we own enough “ab-flatteners” to get “rock hard abs” in 69 different ways and in 13 different languages?  And now, how many of us have that “must-have” equipment in storage?

Gaze over your history of weight-loss efforts.  See the cobwebbed treadmills, the dirty bottles of unopened supplements, the unused club memberships, the mountains of plastic and cardboard packaging of diets gone by.  Remnants of the inspired hope we felt time after time before we failed time after time.  What we see is not the promised land of our success but the apocalyptic aftermath of our weight-loss defeats.

The fact is even the superstars of weight-loss only explain the “mechanics” of losing weight.  They focus your attention on the diet, the exercise routine, supplements, portioned food, colon cleansing, specific foods, workout equipment, meal replacements and finally – surgery.  Indulge in these and they promise you’ll lose weight.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  That’s the point, it’s logical, practical and backed by facts, stats and science.  This is the stinkin‘ thinking that limits us to the insufficiencies of IQ.

Did you know that all these facts, stats and science revealed way back in 1995 that EQ not IQ is the key to success?   IQ is our Intelligence Quotient and EQ is our Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  EQ is the ability to regulate feelings that drive all our thoughts, understanding and behaviors.  Using IQ without EQ is like being stuck in black and white denied the brilliant colors of attitude, motivation and energy.  EQ gives you access to drivers like determination and confidence while equipping you with the resilience to overcome stress, setbacks and challenges.

Welcome to MOVVE!™ our Elite Motivation procedure for losing weight by combining EQ with IQ so you keep it off forever.  ALL those smart brain conscious experts and authorities KNOW that if you want to lose weight you MUST change your lifestyle. This is where the rubber meets the road.  Since a lifestyle change is necessary for changing waistlines, then sticking to IQ mechanics is not living.  Hence, after losing weight with these mechanical rich programs, we gain everything back plus some.

Make your MOVVE!™ to living an obese free life and discover how to make any weight-loss program work for you.  That’s right, any program that is scientifically sound will work when you MOVVE!™ it.  Success will be yours!

Make your MOVVE!™ now and become that thinner, fitter, healthier you!


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