Setting the Stage For A Brighter Tomorrow

The future is tomorrow.  So will it get better?  Will it bring about the rewards that we hunger for?  Will it compensate for all our day-in and day-out efforts?  Or will it only continue to echo vague promises of light at the end of the tunnel?  So are you up for a change that delivers a better future?  If you want to produce a life of greater achievements and success, stay tuned.

Creating a better life means change.  MOVVE™ is the application of Elite Motivation which is greatly needed because it’s our feeling that fuel our thoughts, attitudes and our actions.  MOVVE™ supplies a script of specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices and resources that ignite and sustains productive change.  No psycho-babble needed here because most people are familiar with TV and movies.  Haven’t we all watched shows where characters play action scenes that lead to happy endings?  Well, if YOU want a future with happier endings then learn to MOVVE!™   Creating a better life means producing a better show!

William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage” so I’m going to share a primary MOVVE™ Active Action that lifts the curtain on yours.  Plays, movies and TV shows all use the same design that brings life to promise, potential and plans.  It’s called a Storyboard.

A MOVVE™ Storyboard details a sequence of actions that result in a desired ending.  In other words, goals are achieved through actions taken.  To start your MOVVE™ Storyboard you need a theme, a title.  For instance, “My Weight-Loss Succeeds”, or “My Sales Soar” are headings that set the stage for specific result producing actions.

Decide on your goal, your happy ending.  Use a 60 day time frame.  So at the end of two months, your goal would be…?  Fill in that space so you’ll have your theme and ending in view.

Robert Burns said “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray,” so a MOVVE™ Storyboard expands possibilities with two plausible endings – unhappy or happy.  When you picture your best case outcome, the goal you really want, then contrast it with what you don’t want.  That’s right, your vision as a producer is widescreen with two motivating choices, pain or gain.  For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds then putting weight on would be what you don’t want.  If increasing sales is your 60 day goal then losing clients or closings isn’t.

These two alternate endings depend on your behaviors.  YOU control your direction because YOU choose the actions.  Your MOVVE™ Storyboard is composed of action scenes that illustrate behaviors.  So, if you’re going toward a happy ending of being 20 pounds lighter, then you’d probably have a “refusal” scene describing how you’d deal with food temptations.  You’d also have a “cheat” scene where you indulge in foods that contribute to your unhappy ending.  So, by playing a refusal scene you’re heading toward your real goal or if it’s a cheat scene, you’re sabotaging yourself.

If your show is to increase clients and sales then you would have scenes where you network, follow-up and improve closings.  In contrast, your unhappy ending would have scenes where you hibernate, procrastinate and blame or complain when commission checks aren’t earned.  Yin or Yang.  Your choice, your direction.  All scenes are about attitude and action.

This is your life, your show.  We all play scenes.  Those scenes take us closer or further from our goals.  A MOVVE™ Storyboard offers an excellent perspective where you can plainly see if you’re going in the right direction or if it’s time to call for help.  Putting any plan into action requires a whole host of practices, rehearsals and resources.  So when you draw out your Storyboard, it may be time to hone other skills, particularly in the arena of emotional intelligence.  In that case, make your MOVVE™ with Elite Motivation!


Book Cover5When you have direction and a destination worth living, change and improvement just takes practice.  Get on the MOVVE with Elite Motivation!

My book, Elite Motivation, can be found on Kindle and Amazon.  Follow this link to find out about it:

Movve Book coverMy Guidebook, which offers a graphic filled step-by-step format can also be found on Amazon and Kindle.  Here’s the link:  MOVVE – The Five Keys of Elite Motivation

Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: or at our website:  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.






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