SALES – Cash In On The American Dream?

Have you ever experienced “Black Friday”?  It’s the day after Thanksgiving where you’re swept up by a swarm of rabid fans at a rock concert.  There isn’t the deafening music or show stopping stage performances.   The only rock and roll you feel is when you’re pummeled by hordes of shoppers.  Here are mobs of people anxious to buy, spend and take home merchandise.  Actually, this is the nectar anyone in sales would want to savor again and again.

Alas, Black Friday comes but once a year, so in order to induce people to open their wallets, improving sales skills is a must.  Welcome to the deluge of attractions that promise to deliver these needed improvements.

“In this cut-throat economy you can’t waste a second…

you HAVE to improve your sales skills, make more sales and gain more customers now

or you risk becoming irrelevant in the new economy!”

For those who want to make money, sales offers THE BEST opportunity around!  Some don’t want to accept that sales is something we all do.  Pete Jackson said, “This is America. We’re all in sales.”  Look at the millions who get involved in a home based business and those MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies.  Whether it’s a second job or our primary profession, a greater income is what we’re seeking.

In order to embrace this fact or career, one must overcome those negative pushy salesman stereotypes that dominate public perception.  Whether you reverse or contribute to these sentiments will greatly determine how successful you become.  Of course, how well you do isn’t about our current economy.  What’s really essential is to develop skills that help you engage others and close the sale.

So millions buy books written by those super sales professionals.  We watch their DVDs and attend seminars that promise to deliver those sought after sales skills.  Every year companies and individuals pour their money into this multi-billion dollar training industry in the hopes of achieving the success we see promoted.

Eighty-five percent of those in sales barely make a living.  They read the books, watch the videos and attend all those seminars on a regular basis hoping for at least some sort of nugget they can use.  They are hungry for success but starved for help.

Like so many of my colleagues have lamented, “If you’ve seen one of these super sales skills seminars, you’ve seen them all.” They seem to be rehashing and reformulating the same IQ information again and again.  How many versions of how to close a sale do you have to hear?  They all promote the basics in some form or another.  Be a good communicator, ask questions, listen, get organized, have a positive self-esteem, be a self-starter, problem solve, be well-mannered and courteous.  These are just some of the skills that get repeated over and over.

Companies and sales managers push their people to attend skill building seminars.  They expect their team to up their sales and increase profits.  These new seminar promotions put an irresistible spin of glitz and glamor to attract attendance.  This repackage offers the illusion of being fresh and cutting edge.  However, the evidence speaks the reality!  Eighty-five percent of those in sales barely make a living.

Think of weight-loss.  Millions read the books, attend the seminars, watch the DVDs and sign up for health clubs, diet programs and personal trainers.  We do this again and again, year after year.  If all this information and knowledge revealed the skills and science needed for success, would we still be an obese nation?

Welcome to the truth in sales.  Those who write those sales books, create DVDs and have sold out seminars don’t reveal the real formula necessary to duplicate their success.  If they did, we wouldn’t have so very many who fail in sales.  Again, it’s like our weight-loss failure phenomenon.

Movve loge EliteSales success can be earned!  It’s not going to be found from what you read, hear or see.  Actions create change.  MOVVE!™ is the procedural application of Elite Motivation that combines IQ knowledge and EQ energies into experience gaining actions to create goal driven teamwork.  It’s not what you know, it’s what you DO with what you know.  When you want better results, whether in sales or weight-loss:  MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!


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