Rescue Attitudes With Stop, Drop & Role

In our younger days we were trained to prevent the burns a fire can cause by doing a stop, drop and roll.  Well, welcome to an Elite Motivation update that rejuvenates this procedure so we can be protected from the burn fiery emotions ignite.  It’s a MOVVE™ that’s applied so emotionally intelligent communication prevails.

Getting swept up in the heat of the moment can enflame unwanted feelings and results.  Even if we started out with the right attitude when emotions erupt, situations, relationships and goals can go up in smoke.  So to quell rising passions and reaffirm a resourceful attitude, usher in emotional intelligence with this three step MOVVE™ Elite Motivation resource.

First, when you begin to feel a shift of feelings that threaten to jeopardize your calm, goals or common sense – STOP.  That’s right, STOP participating!  An easy way to pull off this STOP is to simply open your mouth and say, “Could you please give me a moment?” That’s right, rather than ruining everything with emotions gone wild, you ask for a time out.

Other ways to initiate a STOP is to close your eyes, take a deep breath or to just hold your breath.  Whatever you choose, you’re interrupting your participation and setting the stage for a shift in your emotions and communication.

After you’ve created this break in the action with a STOP, you go on to the next step, DROP.  Here you use your imagination to visualize yourself from a distance.  A movie producer is able to step back and see the big picture.  That’s what you do here.  In your mind’s eye you create a producer’s perspective where you see that the emotions spewing from the other person are now erupting in you.  This means this scene isn’t working.  Obviously that person is way off script because they are in trouble and having a big problem.  You are able to visualize the reality that in order to save the show, YOU need to change.

This big picture perspective creates an emotional disassociation from you the “star” of the scene and you the “producer.”  This emotional distance produces an immediate DROP.  That’s right, the tension and feelings that imbued the star are not associated within the producer.  As soon as you imagine that producer’s perspective, the emotions you were feeling DROP.

You restore your situational balance by first declaring a STOP where you rescind your activity and involvement.  Next, you DROP all anxieties and attitude with an imaginative shift to different eyes containing a producer’s perspective.  Finally, you bring yourself back into participating in the scene with a different ROLE.  You reenter the scene devoid of those escalating, engulfing feelings, and emerge in the ROLE of a listener.  In this ROLE you are here for the other person and are no longer promoting your own agenda.

Before you did a STOP and DROP, you were caught up in a moment full of sound and fury AND going way off course.  Now, with passions quelled and perspective refreshed, The ROLE you then reappear in is that of a listener.  You now play a receiver ROLE where your attitude and actions invite the sender to talk, share and work through their problem.  Your position, words and body language are all about being there for the other person.  Since you have removed all adversarial  barriers, understanding, communication and a more productive outcome results.

STOP, DROP and ROLE is one of the MOVVE!™ Active Actions of Elite Motivation that a person applies so emotional intelligence can save the day.  It can be initiated in less than a minute and without anyone’s cooperation or awareness.  It quells escalating emotions and any situation that could damage communication and targeted goals.

When you want to improve your skills and resources to build better relationships, teamwork or to accomplish goals, learn how to MOVVE!™ Remember, when you want to ensure that your reactions and emotions are appropriate, a STOP, DROP and ROLE is the right MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!




Book Cover5When you have a desire to extinguish conflicts and restore cooperation, change and improvement just takes practice.  Get on the MOVVE with Elite Motivation!

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