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The biggest ongoing problem any business owner, CEO or manager endures is their employees.  Everyone hired to further the business brings an endless array of issues and problems that often divert and slow productivity and profits.

stressed outIn their personal lives employees often experience issues with their marriage, parenting, depression, finances, dieting, addictions, anger, health and wellness to name just a few.

dollar diveOn the job this translates to performance pains in areas of attitude, mistakes, communication, accidents, cooperation, teamwork, negativity, conduct, sabotage, morale, thefts, apathy, absenteeism, frequent personal use of phone and texting plus tardiness to name just a few.

If an employee makes twenty dollars an hour you would expect their performance would generate a profit of at least sixty dollars an hour.  Depending on their problems, an employees performance might fall off an estimated total of 60 minutes a day.  That’s eight hours a week or 32 hours a month.  That means you lose $640 in salary and $1,920 dollars a month in revenue.  That’s a total loss of $2,560 dollars each month when an employee is wrestling with domestic or personal problems.  Of course this is just an example, but it gives you an idea of how expensive this can be.

Common-Business-ProblemsManagement attempts to deal with this as best they can because an employee’s skills, knowledge and experience can be hard to replace.  So supervisors cope, intercede, referee, negotiate, advise and lay down the law in trying to get people back to work, but dealing with the cause of these performance draining behaviors is not in their wheelhouse.  Every day enormous amounts of time are spent on putting out fires that never seem to stop burning.

One word sums up this consistent plague of people problems – COSTLY!

FEELINGS signYou attempt to help your employees resolve their problems and get them back to work as best you can.  Unfortunately all your words, advice, instruction and orders fail because you apply answers, logic and common sense instead of what really causes conflicts – FEELINGS!  Feelings are the driver of all thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to deal with problems and feelings.  Any EAP service offers employees confidential counseling designed to help them talk out their feelings and resolve their problems.

Here at JCS Professionals we upgrade the traditional EAP counseling model with an approach that goes beyond just talking feelings out.  Feelings are what we sense, emotions are how we express.  Having an ability to communicate feelings and behaviors with emotional intelligence, resilience and choice is called Emotional Motivation.

handshakeJCS Professionals uses this Emotional Motivation approach to rally people’s feelings and behaviors toward self correction, improvement and solutions.  No other EAP program has the trained staff to offer this exclusive service.  We specialize in boosting performance, job focus and teamwork.  Result: employee attitudes and conduct stay on the job.

When your organization is our client, your employees can call us M-F 8AM to 5PM to schedule an appointment within 24 hours.  Both they or any household relative will receive up to three sessions with our feeling-friendly well trained professionals.  We provide the counseling, coaching and support that will get your employee’s feelings back on the job refreshed, refocused and recharged!  PROBLEMS RESOLVED.

Check out all the benefits we offer organizations that include an on site EAP introductory presentation and periodic staff development trainings for all your people.

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Call 509 396-4307 and ask for me, Jamie Cox, so your employees can get back to work now.  Productivity and profits await!



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