“Now Is Not A Good Time”

Stress, bad times, valleys, losing streaks, failures or any period of doom and gloom is something we all experience.  It is usually a time where we ward off gaining skills or resources that would ease and prevent these periods.  How many times have you used this familiar phrase?  “Now is not a good time.”

These are words uttered whenever some trainer, sage or life coach offers us an opportunity to change and improve.  When we are in crisis, all we really want is for it to be over.  We are looking for the ending, not a beginning.  So we knuckle down, sweat it out and do what we can to get through.  We welcome help as long as it is something that THEY will do.  We want a bailout, not some opportunity to improve.

So what is the result of when we knuckle down, sweat it out and just get through it?  WHEW!  That’s it.  We feel we have survived and welcome back normal.  In other words, it will happen again, and AGAIN.  Why?  WE DIDN’T CHANGE!

What about when we get that rescue, that bailout?  WHEW!  That’s it.  We feel we have been saved, let off the hook and we welcome back normal.  In other words, it will happen again, and AGAIN.  Why?  WE DIDN’T IMPROVE!

Aristotle warned us when he said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” When we are in a crisis state, we want out.  We resort to blind going-through-the-motions or we welcome rescues.  We want it over and done with.  That means we’re NOT in the moment.  People, situations and circumstances have converged on us and are challenging us.  We surrender to the stress with all that familiar doom and gloom thoughts and feelings.  Instead of going with the moment and changing, we choose absence.  For so many, crisis is not an opportunity.

When I hear a person utter “Now is not a good time,” I know the outcome.  Rock bottom is coming.  Isn’t that the truth?  People don’t change and improve at a convenient time.  It’s when they hit rock bottom.  When they’re out of rescues and their routines aren’t working.  That means loss.  They lost someone or something dear to them.  Divorce, bankruptcy, evicted, fired, laid off, failing health…  WHY DO WE WAIT FOR DISASTER?

When you say “Now is not a good time,” let that be the cue that signals doing something different.  This is not a moment to get out of or endure.  It is the moment to change.

The Chinese word for danger has two characters.  One represents danger and the other opportunity.  Our moments of overwhelming stress can be the perfect moment for applying something new.  It is the right stage for using better communication and emotional intelligence skills.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a difference.  Don’t refute the moment, embrace it.  Or as I would say, MOVVE!™  “Now is the best time!”



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3 Responses to ““Now Is Not A Good Time””

  1. Renae says:

    Ok Jazzy James – I GET IT!
    It’s time for CHANGE and for me to get movving!

    Very encouraging article.

  2. I made a movie about this, would you mind looking at it and maybe leaving a message on what you think about it? (I left the url in the “website” box) thanks much!

    • jamie says:

      I attempted to see the video you told me about in your comments on my blog. However, when I click on the url, I got this message, “This video requires the FLV player to play, it seems you do not have it installed on your computer.”

      I have a MAC and I run Safari not Internet Explorer which I would need to install an FLV player. Sorry. Perhaps if you put it on YouTube.

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