No More Fat Failures!!!

That first week in January usually sparks our attention to make changes.  It’s the time for New Year Resolutions, pledges, promises and turning over a new leaf.  It’s the time we review what’s important in life and examine our priorities.  It’s also the time so many shun even creating new resolutions, plans or to-do lists.  Why?  Before January is over, their ranks will swell to ever growing numbers.  WHY?  Failure is epidemic!

Ah, the ugly truth.  Is there anyone out there who hasn’t failed to keep their New Year Resolutions?  Toss in all those who fall short in their goals, plans and promises, and you might begin to understand why folks can neglect their ambition.  When faced with unexpected challenges, obstacles or roadblocks, we often do what Michael Jackson advised in his song, “Beat It.” He promoted a retreat, not a rally.  “No one wants to be defeated,” are the lyrics that make sense to beat feet when confronted with adversity.  All those who have experienced losing can relate.

“Hello darkness my old friend,” paints our familiar picture of goal abandonment.  It’s from an old Simon and Garfunkel song, “Sounds of Silence” which provides both comfort and reality.  We are use to missing our goals, plans and promises.  Sure a lot of us feint confidence and perseverance, but we are just going through the motions.  I bet I know what we say to those who declare new resolutions, plans or goals.  Does, “good luck” sound like what we wish for them and us?  Hey, going against the odds needs support, right?

Sure there are plenty who succeed, but are they the majority?  In fact, we line up for their advise, hoping for help or at least a piece of their good luck.  After all, we foolishly think it’s luck that fuels success.  What a powerless position that is!  On a national scale we follow successful people.  We tune into their books, programs and infomercials.  WHY?  Again, that same answer, failure is epidemic.

Getting out of this failure cycle isn’t easy.  If it was, those who succeed would be in the majority.  Actually, it takes a bit of intelligence.  No, not IQ intelligence because if duplicating smarts from the Ten Commandments, Seven Habits or other formulas was the only answer, we’d all be successful.  The intelligence we’re missing is emotional intelligence.

Why do we dread making New Year Resolutions or setting goals?  Our past experiences make us FEEL that defeat, collapse and failure.  Since we don’t want to relive or revive any of those deficient feelings, we ignore making plans.  We lack the emotional intelligence to transition out of negative feelings.  Oh, we may talk positive, but energizing emotions is more walk than talk.

If fact, isn’t motivation one of those prime feelings we seek to capture?  Isn’t that what we really want from all those self-help books, success seminars and infomercials?  We want to succeed and we need to fire up our Mojo to make it work.  We need better feelings to fuel our quest.  Again, our own emotional intelligence engine is idle.

Where are the emotional intelligence skills when you need them?  Unfortunately, society emphasizes IQ so EQ development is difficult.  Just ask those dieters who have followed all the IQ facts, stats and science only to gain back everything they tried to lose.  Being smarter doesn’t make you thinner.  Those who repeatedly fail to lose weight now look for liberation.  We are in the bailout age and they’re listening to a rock song shouting, “Rescue Me.” They think that some sort of sensational breakthrough or surgical procedure will carve away their problem and make them thinner.  Failure has brainwashed them into thinking success is out of their scope and due to miracles, magic or luck.  Human effort need not apply.

Book Cover5End that madness today!  My book, Elite Motivation: Sustaining Attitudes & Behaviors in the Pursuit & Achievement of Change, Improvement & Goals is now available on Amazon and Kindle.  In it I reveal how this approach let me reduce from 340 pounds to the weight I’ve kept for the last 25 years.   Elite Motivation combines IQ with EQ to create the skills, resources and team support needed to achieve your goal weight and keep off all those unwanted pounds for life.  No risks, gimmicks or obligations.

“I Hope You Dance” is a song by Lee Ann Womack that is great for urging you to take a risk.  Then listen to the Black Eyed Peas sing “Let’s Get It Started” so you pick up the beat to go forward.  Then leave it to old Charlie Chaplin who wrote “Smile” which is an anthem for emotional intelligence.

If you wait for others or something else to make you successful, you’ll miss the only true answer – YOU.  Like that Chaplin song shared, emotions are what you generate through behaviors.  You don’t even need a cane, hat or mustache.  A funny walk would be nice though.

Take advantage of this and discover how YOU will Make Weight Loss Work.  It’s a great MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation that will finally end failures.


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