Knowledge Needs To MOVVE!

All the world is a stage” expands its meaning with visible results when improving attitudes, building skills and achieving goals.  We grew up in a world of TV, movies and action that cuts to the chase.  All this programing has prepared us to accelerate learning, teamwork and productivity.  Want to improve?  Tune in.

Have you ever attended those workshops that promised you the moon?  If you want better skills or the secrets of what’s holding you back, these trainings saturate us with all the facts, stats and science of what we need to get ahead.  We sit in attendance watching the gurus, power points and presentations that will make us better.  We listen, absorb, buy all the support materials and then after a day or two, return to our normal lives, behaviors and routines.  Nothing really changes. To quote Leonardo da Vinci, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply.”

TV and movies offer a dynamic example that is worth emulating.  No, not couch potato spectators, but how to really make things happen.  Whatever show we’re watching, the one constant is change.  Situations shift, characters evolve and outcomes either surprise or satisfy.  What drives plot and players is action.  Action doesn’t have to be high speed chases, slugfests or special effects.  Just people applying their plans, promises and intentions – taking action.  Like following up with a client, confiding to a colleague or completing a project.  Real life ACTION!

TV shows and movies begin with a Storyboard.  This is a progressive scene-by-scene sequence that illustrates the actions that drive the show so the desired ending is achieved.  Action begins not by facts, but by feelings which are what we sense.

EMOTIONS fuel ACTION because they are what we express!  We can choose what emotion to express over the feelings we sense.  So do we want to stay awkward or choose to be confident?  Angry or determined?  Anxious or calm?  MOVVE™ is our Elite Motivation application of emotionally smart communication resources that transitions feelings into emotions to ensure appropriate ACTION.

A Storyboard is one of the important tools I use with MOVVE™ which applies Elite Motivation.  Five letters in MOVVE™ creates the action stage for Emotional Motivation.  Five letters, and each one spurs productivity toward goal success.  “M”Mobilize actions to create change.  “O”Organize actions to pursue continuous improvement.  “V”Visualize actions that apply better attitudes and behaviors.  “V”Verbalize actions that speaks confidence and recruits a goal driven team.  “E”Energize actions to sustain the pursuit and achievement of all goals.

Sitting and listening helps us soak up new information that can ignite ideas and plans.  Applying these thoughts and intentions means change.  MOVVE™ is the procedural application of  Elite Motivation giving us the producer ticket so we can star in our own show.  It empowers you to apply remarkable communication and emotionally intelligent practices to achieve results.  Now you can become the action figure in your own show producing the outcome you’ve always wanted – SUCCESS!  Change your channel and MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!  Check out the training and coaching opportunities on our website.


This is your life, your show.  Take action and produce happy life endings when you’re on the MOVVE™ with Elite Motivation!




Book Cover5When you have direction and a destination toward change and improvement, it just takes practice.  Get on the MOVVE with Elite Motivation!

My book, Elite Motivation, can be found on Kindle and Amazon.  Follow this link to find out about it:

Movve Book coverMy Guidebook, which offers a graphic filled step-by-step format can also be found on Amazon and Kindle.  Here’s the link:  MOVVE – The Five Keys of Elite Motivation

Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: or at our website:  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.





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