IQ Makes You Fat?

Ever read the old standards like “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” or “The Zone” or “The South Beach Diet”?  Have you listened to traditional weight loss gurus like Richard Simmons or Susan Powter or Jillian Michaels?  Have you been seduced by all the information about the right meals to plan, the right system to follow or the right food formulations to eat?  Do you follow industry leaders like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers?

Welcome to the IQ seduction!  It’s that media con that makes you think that when you become smarter you will become thinner.  In the words of that other guru Dr. Phil, “How has that been working for you?”

Did you know that every year there are more books published on weight loss than any other subject on the planet?  Every year!  Gurus, experts and trainers are around every corner promoting pills, plans, formulas, exercise equipment and surgery.  Programs that promise weight loss success flood our TV, magazines and radio.  Everywhere there are answers, fixes and guarantees.  Do I have to repeat the words of Dr. Phil?

Is it OK to realize that this pursuit of knowledge does not produce the results we want?  To all those who have read, listened and followed the experts with their array of books, videos and programs – are you ready for the truth?

Pump up your brain and you will plump up your body.  We put it on, we take it off.  We take it off and we put it all back on.  That yo-yo effect is what practically all those readers, listeners and followers experience.  It’s time to expose the fraud.

Why is it that when we fill our brain with weight loss facts, figures and science, we invariably end up fatter than before?  Will it ever occur to us that knowing something is different then applying it?  What more does our IQ need?

EQ!  That’s short for Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  It’s emotional motivation, resilience and smarts. Combine IQ with EQ and then you’ll have the boost to apply what you know.

Powering up your EQ is not as simple as reading a book, listening to an expert or following a plan.  It’s really not about input.  Emotions are about  output.  It’s expression.  It’s HOW you deal with information and your feelings.  It’s HOW you express with words and behaviors.  EQ is HOW you apply appropriate actions to accomplish your goals.

IQ needs EQ.  There, I’ve said it.  Exposing your brain to new information is one thing.  Expecting you to apply that information too is quite the unexpected hurtle. Information generates a multitude of fresh feelings as you try on new behaviors, build better habits and put into practice what you’re learning.  After all you have to face family, friends, co-workers and every person currently in your life that pours on advice, doubts and general mistrust of anything new. Then you have to deal with your expectations of the weight loss program you’re using, your personal trainer, nutritionist or health coach that all tell you what to do, how to do it and comply, comply, comply.

And here’s the rub; with everything you read, experience and are told comes feelings!  The good, the bad and the ugly. Feelings are what we sense.  Emotions are what we express. Without smart emotional motivation practices and good communication skills, attempts to utilize what the brain learns will probably fail.  Why?  We study just the skills, secrets and science of weight loss but not the feelings and emotions that come with it.  Since feelings are what fuel all thoughts, attitudes and behaviors – we need EQ, those emotional smarts, skills, strengths and motivation to deal with all the challenges and choices weight loss strategies demand.

Still skeptical?  Look at the preponderance of evidence.  There’s the constant deluge of materials, professionals and formulas that emphasize that they have THE answer.  Well, if we have the answers, why do we still have the problem?  It seems we have the information but not the application.  Our IQ is bulging and so is our fat.  Obesity is a national epidemic.

IQ needs EQ.  There, I’ve said it again.  Though EQ skills are a challenge to learn, they have not only kept me from getting fat again, they’ve provided me with a profession for over 25 years.

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