“Just Do It” are the words used by Nike to exemplify motivation.  So there you have it.  Motivation simplified.  Sitting around moping and feeling sorry is not living life or getting the job done.  Ask any parent, manager or business owner.  So is the basic idea of “get up and get going” all that’s needed to drive yourself and others to improve?

Reminds me of another simple slogan.  “Just Say No” was endorsed by Nancy Reagan and embraced by those seeking motivation.  So armed with this rally do we stop toxic behaviors?  Is this all the motivation people need to fight drug abuse or obesity?  Helping people to stop seeking the pleasures of drugs or comfort of food requires a better understanding of motivation and how best TO motivate.  Toss in our desire to spark productivity and profits, and motivation is one sought-after skill.

Google, encyclopedias and those with experienced wisdom reveal that motivation has two prime drivers.  Intrinsic or internal, AND extrinsic or external.  Simply put, motivation is either that driver inside ourself or something outside that can drive us.

For instance, we do daily exercises to lose weight because we want to succeed.  If we desire that buff healthy bod, we adhere to the commands of our personal trainer that pushes us to do just one more sit-up.  Internal it’s us.  External it’s them.

Internal is all about gaining feelings of self-worth and building skills and abilities.  External is about tangible outcomes like rewards, prizes or treats.  Both are motivational drivers causing us to take action.

Look around.  We live in a world of motivation.  Open a magazine, newspaper or go on the internet.  Turn on your TV, the radio or see all the billboards as you travel.  Ads.  They’re everywhere!  Go here, buy this, wear that, have another – external motivation is everywhere all the time!

Is it any wonder that external motivation is what’s practiced by parents, managers and business owners?  Parents typically say,

“Do your homework.

“If you clean the garage, I’ll extend your curfew this weekend.”

“If you continue smarting-off, you can go to your room this instant.”

A parent motivates with pleas, rewards and warnings.  Much like managers and business owners who say,

“Make your quotas this week.”

“The one who brings in the biggest volume this month gets that bonus.”

“If you can’t do the job, I’ll get someone who can.”

External motivation dominates.  Nike would be proud, but the results aren’t.  When you use external motivation then expect to play “mother” full time, all the time.  Have you ever seen a “Mom Don’t Work Here” poster at job sites?  One of the more blatant consequences of using external motivation is that it doesn’t produce ownership or responsibility.  Those are internal qualities.  In fact, the best thing it generates is compliance.  But, if that’s what you want, then external motivation is the ticket.

Google, encyclopedias and those with experienced wisdom also reveal that internal motivation is more reliable, resilient and productive.  It is also difficult to access without emotional intelligence communication skills.  These of course are some of the resources I share with my Elite Motivation MOVVE™ coaching.

A typical insurance agent will ask a prospect or customer what they want.  After hearing this, the agent will tell them the rewards and benefits they can expect from their policy.  This familiar sales conversation employs external motivation.  When YOU speak about the rewards and benefits, you are dangling the carrot in front of the customer.  This verbal information share is YOU providing the motivation.  The hope is that they will then purchase the policy.  This is external motivation at work in a sales meeting.

A typical agent trained in MOVVE™ which is the procedural application of Elite Motivation, will ask a prospect or customer what they want.  After hearing this, the agent will ask them what it would mean to them to have this policy.  If the client requests information about the particulars of the policy, the agent will provide those answers.  Afterwards, the agent again asks what it would mean to them to have this policy.  This compels the customer to use their imagination to bring ownership of this policy into their life.

After listening to what the client imagines, the agent rephrases what they heard and then asks the customer how it would then make them feel.

“So Mr. Murphy, you said that if you had this policy, you could see how it would make living easier for both you and your family.  Wow!  So then you’d be feeling…”

This is communicating with Elite Motivation.  Here you’re having a customer internalize the experience of “feelings.”  After all, it isn’t facts and figures that sell products and services.  It’s that other “F” word – FEELINGS.  So after hearing the client express their feelings, the agent restates what they shared and then asks…

“Well Mr. Murphy it sounds like you feel that this policy will be a great investment for both you and your family.  So what you’re going to do now to make sure you get this policy is…?”

This ends with the customer purchasing the policy.  Internal motivation achieved through emotional intelligence communication by using MOVVE On Three.

One of our MOVVE!™ Active Actions is called, MOVVE On Three which details “WANT, DO and BE.”  First, find out what they really WANT.  Next, after highlighting what the customer wants, you inquire what they will DO to get what they WANT.  Finally, get them to explore how succeeding would help them BE the person that achieves their goal.  Have them bring to light what it would mean to them and the feelings it would generate when they succeed.  Now you have ignited Elite Motivation.

Asking a customer what they WANT and then telling them what to DO is not only routine, it’s external motivation.  Asking a customer what they WANT followed by asking them who they are striving to BE is an intrinsic character shaping inquiry.  When you get them to examine what they are going to DO in order to BE the person that gets what they WANT – well now you’re creating internal motivation within the client.  WANT, DO and BE – a MOVVE On Three Action that ignites internal motivation.  The sequential order of these three is not important as long as you access each one.  You use all three, they will MOVVE.

Lighting a fire under a person is what motivation is suppose to do.  External motivation is quick, easy and temporary.  Learning how to ignite internal motivation within people is a real skill.  When you want to learn how to do this let me know.  Your self esteem will soar as will productivity and profits.  It will be a great MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!


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