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Over 30 years ago I was losing the battle of the bulge and ballooned up to over 320 pounds.  I followed the advice of doctors, health educators, dietitians and other professionals who emphasized using my brain to overcome my obese body.  So, heeding their IQ strategy, I attempted to stick to this “smart” style by joining all those established weight-loss programs. So, I followed their professional guidance that had me listing all the foods to avoid and planning to eat only the “right” foods in the “right” amount at each meal, each and every day.  I even joined exercise and aerobic classes as part of this weight-loss plan.  I was into a due diligence effort that emphasized being smarter to lose weight so I would keep it off.

Of course when faced with food temptations or making excuses to avoid exercise, they OK’ed a “cheat” by advising me to make up for it by reducing my caloric intake or with longer workouts.  Again, a “smart” approach to maintain the balance.  Well, haven’t we all lived through the result of being able to “cheat” time and again?  This yo-yo experience of on-again off-again was NOT going to be my reality.

I combined IQ smarts with EQ drivers.  EQ is short for emotional intelligence.  I developed a process that got me to reduce my overweight size and keep it off by blending IQ and EQ with better communication skills that allowed me to create a goal driven support team.  I could tell you more, but how about you just download my book and make weight loss work for you!  You don’t have to stay fat and live through continued disappointment when your smart efforts don’t succeed.

Click on this link and discover my book, Make Weight Loss Work.  The rest is your success.


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