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As almost anyone who has flown recently will tell you, there are no friendly skies anymore.  Instead of heading for the endless array of passengers howling about the long lines or the nickel and dime surcharges that inflate the cost of flying, the news crew was there to interview flight attendants.  It was rumored that they were using a new Elite Motivation EQ skill for handling air rage.  It’s called Premeditated Energizers.

Flight attendant Jerry told the camera that he is able to manage the torments and tensions of his job because he prepares himself with this new emotional intelligence exercise.  Everyday feelings can get turned into frustrations and fury over ordinary circumstances.  It seems the rebellion revolt has taken over our airport populations.  It’s too easy to enflame emotions with even the best intentions and courtesies.

Too often the challenges and rudeness of passengers invite a “take this job and shove it” reaction.  Unfortunately, the real cost of this heat-of-the-moment impulse comes due later.  After all, who wants to hire someone who can’t appropriately deal with stress?  So as Jerry revealed on camera, doing these daily Premeditated Energizers was his best MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!

Maintaining a cool and calm demeanor is what everyone who works at an airline knows to do.  Heck, it’s what anyone who has a job knows.  But when brain and emotions collide, it is vital that you support your IQ with EQ.  Otherwise getting swept up in erupting emotions can jeopardize plans and procedures.

As Jerry explained, improving  EQ, which is short for emotional intelligence, requires practice and rehearsal.  It’s not something you get from information in a book or seminar.  Actually, information without application is OK for the brain, but the body needs a workout.  Especially if you want your feelings to be transmitted into appropriate actions.  Hence, MOVVE™, which is my Elite Motivation procedure, creates a stage where behaviors and emotions are put in motion so brain and body cooperates.

Even though the TV news interviewer understood this concept, capturing on film how Premeditated Energizers work was their real goal.  So Jerry jumped up and demonstrated.  He straddled a chair and started acting like he was on a motorcycle.  At first even the video replay would show that he looked odd at first, but as he got into it, everyone who was watching started to believe he was actually riding.  His face, gestures and words were all congruent with someone having a great time on a motorbike.

Even though the blending of brains, body and emotions seemed genuine, it didn’t answer questions, it asked more.  For instance, how does this performance sharpen EQ or prevent a person from going over the emotional edge at work?

As the camera crew listened, Jerry explained.  First he showed that “riding a motorcycle” was just one of the activities on his list of Premeditated Energizers.  Everyday he goes down the list in order without skipping any.

His focus is to actually believe he is really doing the activity. Then, he brings it to authentic life with the expression of attitude and action within the character he chooses.  He can play the motorbike activity as a bossy manager, a rude passenger or even as an excited novice.  It’s his preference what character he chooses to play, as long as he stays in character, capturing all the behaviors, nuances and feelings that this activity suggests.

Eventual results produce an incredible stress relieving skill with a greater self-appreciation.  Self worth soars because every time you do one of these Energizers you not only raise your emotional competence, you experience what it’s like to accomplish something time after time.  AND, you gain the ability to change any feeling by getting into the character of an activity.  In other words, when you want to feel differently, you MOVVE!™   Higher self-esteem and emotional intelligence await.

What really impressed this news team was the realization that occurred to them after reviewing the entire video.  It now made sense why Jerry and his flight crew don’t get rattled by demanding job stress.  They have a great resource to prevent behavioral breakdowns at work.  It made sense that no matter how bad people, situations or the job got, later they could do a Premeditated Energizer and make everything better.

People, situations or feelings don’t have the control.  We do.  Thanks to daily Premeditated Energizers, better behaviors, attitude and performance are now just a MOVVE!™ away.

This is just one of the many EQ tools I’ve developed.  Do you think others will be interested?  After all, stress, emotional outbursts and bad behaviors aren’t only up in the air, right?  If you’d like your list of these Premeditated Energizers, email me at themovve@charter and I’ll send it to you free of charge or obligation!



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