Emotionally Smart Actions Create Internal Motivation!

The company CEO wanted to really motivate his people so he shelled out the big bucks for one of those famous motivational speakers.  He wanted to rally the team, boost morale and inspire greater productivity.  Hopefully, we won’t continue to waste our time and money attending or sponsoring something that has such a poor return on investment.

These periodic events are a recognized staple for any organization who counts on their people delivering the goods.  So if you have anything to do with sales or any time driven projects, you’ve probably been exposed to these souped up rev vehicles full of sound and fury, but all they signify is that motivation fades soon after leaving the auditorium.

Now I know I benefit from this motivational pursuit because I’m frequently sought as a keynote speaker for a variety of conferences.  Well, I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but consider what usually happens at one of these motivational seminars.  At the best ones, people sit on the edge of their seats absorbing the wit and wisdom of the speaker who might even generate a standing ovation in the heat of the moment.  Spectators are filled with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration.  This is the motivation we wanted, right?

We want our people to be inspired.  Isn’t that the feeling we want for them?  Do we really want them to clamor for someone they might perceive as more talented, smarter or fortunate?  After all, every bit of all the cheering was for the speaker, not them.  That’s what the CEO paid for, to have his people deliver a rousing standing ovation for the speaker.  Really?  Now, is this money well spent?

Sure, I’ll admit that listening to a good speaker IS inspiring and motivating.  It can leave you feeling that you can do anything.  Of course all you had to do was sit in the audience to get that feeling.  That’s EXTERNAL motivation, it’s given to you.

Imagine if that rousing standing ovation was for the people, not the speaker.  After all, aren’t they the ones the CEO wants to motivate?  Of course, that would mean INTERNAL motivation.  External motivation wears off once the speaker has left the building.  Internal motivation is inside fueling our attitude and behaviors.

To pull off internal motivation, the speaker would have to forgo the script of facts and stats along with the podium pulpit.  Instead of sharing stories, the speaker would ask the audience if they want to experience something that will raise their skill levels.  The choice is to get involved or remain comfortable as seated observers.  This “Dare to be Great” offer separates the wannabes from the doers.  Audience members are challenged to leave the comfy confines of their seat and come up on stage to be part of the presentation.

Of course not all would volunteer.  Most would rather be comfortable, safe and not be put on the spot.  However, when those volunteers rise and participate, the empowering light of emotional motivation floods the room.  Anxiety, excitement and on the edge-of-your-seat emotions are now taking positive and productive action.  When these risk-takers succeed and demonstrate that being uncomfortable is what ignites motivation, everyone in the audience is part of this success.  They sat next to the volunteers, they rooted them on, and cheered their achievements as their own.  They experienced their peers facing fears and breaking that glass ceiling.  As they participate in that rousing standing ovation, they internalize the true power of motivation – EMOTIONS!

This is what I do as a keynote speaker.  The audience needs motivation, not just stories or powerpoint.  A traditional speaker offers external motivation that sparks fleeting feelings.  I use MOVVE™ the application of Elite Motivation that uses specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices to rally stronger inner emotions that pursue goals.  This internalized emotional intelligence results in rallying the attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve teamwork, productivity and goal success.

The standing ovations at my presentations are a celebration for every person in the room.  They all participated!  Their actions created internal motivation.  It’s Elite Motivation on the MOVVE!™



Book Cover5When you have direction and a destination, change and improvement takes practice.  Get on the MOVVE with Elite Motivation!

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  1. James says:

    I’ve attended several seminars and conventions where the motivational speakers provided little more than corporate pep rally. After the speaker had his/her say, the only remaining excitement was the anticipation that the seminar was going to be over and everyone could catch their plane. The quicker a speaker can make the transfer from external to internal motivation, the better.

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