This time next year your life will be different.  You’ll be happier or NOT.  Skinnier or NOT.   Married or NOT.  Either better or worse.  Most of us are too passive.  We ride along waiting to see how it’ll turn out.  Perhaps it’s time we started driving our own bus.  Perhaps we could use a motivational coach.

There was a haunting song by Harry Chapin a few years back. “Cat’s In The Cradle” reminded us that time is flying by and what’s important to us – relationships, passions, goals…  They need to be savored NOW before it’s too late.  The guy in the song was stuck in his pattern, his rut.  His continuous promise that he’d get to it next time kept him from what he valued most.  He let other things become his routine.  And so he lived a busy, but unfulfilled life.   He didn’t have a coach.

Nowadays if a person wants to change, get rid of old habits and embrace new ways, the choices are endless.  There are countless self-improvement books, endless arrays of instructional courses offered by community schools, colleges and the latest guru from Oprah.  Opportunities abound! Many jump on board for the latest self-improvement craze.  Eventually, what starts in a fury slows to whimpers, complaints and unfulfilled endings.  It’s difficult to change.  Old habits die hard.  Information and intention takes you just so far.  After tasting reality, most resign themselves to exit excuses.

“Well, I tried.”  “It just didn’t work.”

Now there’s a way to apply insights you receive from books and classes.  You CAN become the person you desire.  Get a professional coach!

What began a few years back as a motivational tool for the corporate world has grown into the equivalent of having a personal trainer.   Coaching has become part of the personal development and training industry that is worth over $100 billion a year worldwide. Life Coaching as a stand-alone profession has come into its own.  Executive coaching, retirement coaching, family coaching, teen coaching… anything in life can now become a focus of personal coaching.  Sessions can be delivered in person, over the phone or even on the internet.

Coaching is different than counseling.  Counseling tends to be “problem focused.”  The theory is when the client comes to understand their problem then it will cease to be a problem.  Counseling is a therapeutic process that mostly involves the past.  Coaching, on the other hand, targets the future.

A coach helps a client look forward.  Examine where they are now and where they want to be in the future.  Setting goals, providing feedback, perspective, inspiration and new ways of handling situations are valuable coaching tools. It’s like having someone running alongside you in life, giving you the extra input and encouragement that can really make a difference to your success.

Awhile back a client came to a coach with the intention of learning communication skills.   He thought he could then apply them to his staff.  The coach listened and agreed to help.  They signed a standard three-month partnership.  Twelve 50-minute hour sessions is a good accountability arrangement.

After listening and getting a better feel for the client, the coach helped him prioritize his life.  Values, relationships, possessions, goals… the whole spectrum.  After this insightful and revealing exercise the client realized what he really needed.  Direction!

Too many paths, too many irons in the fire and too many demands for his time.  Normally you might think that this is a good time for some clear-headed advice.  That’s what friends and family usually do.  Consultants are often hired for their input and advice.  Been there, heard that.    Everybody and anybody can give advice.  Advice is cheap.  Coaches can run $50-$350 an hour.

Sure a coach CAN offer advice.  NOT the good ones though.  The idea is to employ the wisdom of Solomon with the skill of Socrates.  When asked a question, Socrates answered with a question.  This annoyed some but usually led the questioner to invest more of himself to discover solutions.  Answers are easy.  They’re at the back of the book.  It’s the journey, the formula, the recipe that the client seeks.  Personal and professional growth and change is what’s really sought.

Give answers and you undermine self-esteem by proving they couldn’t have done it without you.  Good for the ego of the answer giver, but bad for the client.  Making a life plan, better choices and improving productive skills  must come FROM the client.

So a good coach listens, guides and opens doors but doesn’t provide a numbered sequence of instructions.  We already have the 10 Commandments and the 7 Habits.  The key to success is not in the knowing what to do.  It’s in the DOING and that’s where a coach can help.  A good coach gets you to discover, build skills and apply solutions.  Whose solutions?  Yours!

A good coach works to help the client APPLY answers.  Knowing what to do isn’t the same as doing.    Not even close.  This is where a coach really earns their pay.  Knowledge and answers are useless without better application skills.

Finding a good coach can be a challenge.  Anyone these days can call himself or herself a coach.  Coaching certificates are abundant on the internet. Those who are certified often do not possess the skills.  Ask around.  Interview them before signing on.  Get references.

The coaching system I use is MOVVE™ which is the procedural application of Elite Motivation.  Since feelings fuel all thoughts, attitudes and behaviors, its a good thing to use when you want to improve, change or achieve.  MOVVE™ applies specialized communication and emotionally intelligent practices to rally attitudes and actions in the pursuit and achievement of goals.

“Actions Create Change” is the MOVVE™ motto. Improving means becoming a better version of yourself with better skills and resources to succeed.  This time you’ll actively be applying remarkable communication tools, emotional intelligence drivers and have a supportive team that will help MOVVE™ you toward your goals, happier endings and a better life.

MOVVE Logo 2015If you want to make the most of your career, relationships, health…, whatever it may be, then coaching is probably an effective resource to consider.

Shrink is what they call a counselor.  Expand is what you do with a coach.

This is your time!  Your life!  Discover the power that’s ready to be ignited.  Time for action.  Call or email me now to make your best MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!


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Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: or at our website:  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.


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