Communication Needs YOUR Quality Voice

Communication, isn’t that what we do when we’re talking?  We also text, email, tweet and twitter.  That’s all communication too, right?  Dictionaries have an abundance of descriptors, but all agree that it is basically a transfer of information.

Is that all communication is, sharing information?  Are we blind about who and what benefits from this “share”?  Should we ignore the real reason why we communicate at all?  There is only one answer here – RELATIONSHIPS.

Communication is what establishes, maintains and improves relationships.  In fact, I like the biology definition of communication.  “The activity of one that changes or has the potential to change the behavior of another.” So, we as biological beings have the ability to influence and improve the plight of friends, family and co-workers.  It’s all about relationships.

So when we speak or use keyboards, we are making a positive contribution to relationships.  I mean, all it really takes to communicate is to share information, right?

Tell a person the difference between right and wrong and bingo, we’ve helped them walk the straight and narrow.  We explain to our children the importance of picking up after themselves and getting good grades.  Afterwards, we can trust their room is kept clean and their school work makes the honor role.  Any manager or supervisor just has to share the details and expectations of a job and presto, productivity and profits flow.

Isn’t it absurd to expect this?  We live a life experiencing that getting others to change or improve takes a lot more than mere information.  So, isn’t it absurd to define communication as a simple exchange of information?  What’s missing here is that essential characteristic that lifts communication to an activity that truly changes behavior – QUALITY.

Webster throws in words like high-grade, superior and excellence to describe quality.  Communication has two basic movements to orchestrate change – Sending and Receiving.   Quality in a Sender looks like someone requesting your attention so they can relay a truth that has importance.  Of course communication is actually facilitated by the quality of the Receiver.  After all, no matter how much quality or truth a Sender has, without someone listening; there is NO communication.

This is where quality really needs to speak.  A Receiver gives the voice to the Sender.  All the issues a Receiver may have get placed on the back burner because their role is to be there for the Sender.  They listen and encourage the Sender to explore their thoughts, plans and actions.  Quality in a Receiver looks like respectful eye contact, a welcoming posture and facial expressions that reflect what the Sender is saying.  Quality Receiver sounds are expressed with a variety of words and phrases that urge, “I’m all ears, keep going.”

A normal conversation is often a fast back and forth exchange.  Quality communication takes longer.  The Receiver sets the stage for the Sender to develop a detailed kodak of what they’re saying.  No quickie black and white snapshots here.  Quality means full color high-def detail.

Quality communication spells the end of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, grudges and wrong directions.  Quality communication successfully mitigates cover-ups, hidden agendas or lying while preventing and resolving conflicts.  It can restore or establish high morale, self-esteem, teamwork, improved performance and goals accomplished on time.  Actually, when you put quality into communication, the visible benefits and rewards are astounding!

The main reason quality is missing from communication is time.  It takes TIME to play Receiver.  Listening can be faked when a person says, “I got it.” A quality receiver would use a recap and recount what they just heard.  This ensures that the message sent is the message received.  Unfortunately, listening takes time and in our fast-paced exchanges, quality doesn’t get a voice.

Movve loge EliteYOU can make a difference here.  Talk is cheap.  Quality means the best.  Let me help you learn and practice quality communication.  YOU deserve it.  Your relationships deserve it.  Productivity, achievements and profits await.  Get on the MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation!


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