reality checkAs a manager, Ralph was sick and tired of the time he had to spend on employee conflicts, teamwork and attitudes.  As soon as one fire was out, another flared.  This continuous band-aid routine ended after Ralph used MOVVE™ to connect with his people.  They now keep their focus on their job and resolve their own distracting issues.

Before Sally used MOVVE™ to communicate, interactions with her son were abrupt and defiant.  He would usually give her his mute or loud mouth with an exasperated stare.  This happened whenever grades, chores, curfews or his future were brought up.  Now there is a earned  trust of being heard and mutual freedom to express thoughts and concerns over anything about school, home or the future.

Helping clients with their concerns of anxiety, anger and depression was an never ending battle of one step forward, two steps back until Joyce employed MOVVE!™  Now her clients experience that faulty feelings can shift into healthier emotions and behaviors so their situations can continue to improve!

want visionMOVVE™ gives those stuck in addictions, toxic feelings or bad situations an empowering educational experience where they create better options, skills and choices.


MOVVE™ enhances typical talking conversations into a listening communication that empowers an internal motivation in others to improve, succeed and achieve.

hands-breaking-chainSince feelings drive all thoughts, attitudes & behaviors,  MOVVE™ creates an Emotional Motivation offering change, control and choiceClients are able to transition anxiety, anger and other toxic feelings into more positive emotions that motivate productive actions and achievements.

Simply put, MOVVE™ is a procedural application of specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices that motivate healthier attitudes and actions in the pursuit and achievement of goals, personal strengths and skills.

MOVVE Logo 2015Clients gain a resourceful emotional character of Motivation, Intelligence, Maturity, Resilience, Flexibility, Balance and most of all, CHOICE!

The motto of MOVVE™ is “Actions Create Change” with each letter representing specific progressions at the speed of the client:


MobiizeMobilize: Ignite passions to produce a personal pursuit of improvements and achievements.



OrganizeOrganize: Create an actual storyboard of sequential scenes illustrating the attitudes and actions needed to succeed.



VisualizeVisualize:  See yourself having the perspective awareness of the Producer, Director and Star who brings better behaviors and outcomes in preparation of each future scene.



VerbalizeVerbalize: Talk with emotionally intelligent communication skills to strengthen character, navigate challenges and build support.



EnergizeEnergize:  Resilient emotional motivation resources promote and ensure the pursuit of a healthier and happier life.



This MOVVE™ approach of emotionally intelligent skills, vision and motivation sets the stage for risk taking, personal creativity and building solution skills for challenging situations.

If you’re a parent, manager, therapist… or in any type of leadership position, MOVVE™ makes your talking connect, building trust, teamwork and better results.

Check out more examples of how folks apply MOVVE™ in my book entitled “Elite Motivation: Sustaining Attitudes & Behaviors In The Pursuit & Achievement of Change, Improvement & Goals.  It can be found on Kindle and Amazon.  Follow this link to find out about it:

My Guidebook, which offers a graphic filled step-by-step format can also be found on Amazon and Kindle.  Here’s the link:  MOVVE – The Five Keys of Elite Motivation

Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: or at our website:  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.







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