Break The Rules To Rally Productivity

I broke the rules.  Everyone expects the speaker to speak from the front of the room, usually at a podium.  Speakers address a seated audience who is there to hear what the speaker has to say.  This is normal.  This is the routine everyone is used to.  I broke that normal routine on November 9th when I addressed the American Society for Quality in Richland, Washington.

At times I was a roamer.  I moved about the room constantly changing positions as I created participation.  Yes, the audience got involved.  I invited them to speak and participate in the presentation.  My first objective was to Connect with this seated audience.  After sharing that my mission was to explore communication, I asked them if it was worthwhile for them to learn new communication skills, resources and to build goal driven teamwork.  They were all on board with that.

I then shared a great resource for breaking old habits and stuck-in-the mud patterns called the Movve Guidelines.  It was so satisfying to see how everyone was able to learn them.  I shared the first Guideline that “It’s OK to be Uncomfortable” when in the pursuit of goals.  After I revealed that first one, I asked a table or two or three, to voice it back.  My oh my, how quickly people learn when they’re expected to apply new information.  Accountability ignites productivity!

We all then experienced a Challenge that gets in the way of change, improvement and the pursuit of goals.  Unexpectedly, the second Guideline was called for when someone else answered a question for the person that was asked.

This was a Hallmark learning moment.  It’s too bad there wasn’t a camera handy.  “Don’t Band-aide” is the second very important Guideline. You see when you band-aide someone, you divert a person’s anxious feelings that come rushing in when faced with a challenge.  Whether it is apprehension or excitement, your intervention shortchanges their opportunity to deal with a challenge.  If they do get stuck, they have that third Guideline which is “It’s OK to Ask for Help.”  A Band-aide is a good way to paralyze someone’s self-esteem by “rescuing” their experience.  Don’t we EARN our self-esteem by getting through stressful experiences?

These participants continued to Co-Create with me as they read out loud the words that flashed from my powerpoint screen.  Sure, they were a little disjointed at first, but they got much better as we went along.  Teamwork in action!  Then, would you believe that a group of these seated spectators actually got out of their chairs to help deliver the presentation?  That’s right, I asked for volunteers and they rose like a phoenix.

Since these volunteers were to animate the fable I read, I asked those seated participants what kind of performance they wanted.  After all, these volunteers were now blatantly exposed in the front of the largest ASQ group in years.  They were probably feeling anxious and embarrassed so shouldn’t we just let them walk through their parts and get it over with quickly?  No, the audience wanted more, much more.  So volunteers and audience teamed together and joined the presentation.

Those seated team players agreed to Celebrate every action the volunteers did with loud and enthusiastic voices.  They all rose to the occasion and delivered that encouraging vocal support people relish when they step outside their comfort zone and take risks.

All in all, it was a spectacle of learning fueled by emotions, laughter and action.  When you want to Commit people to improving their communication, emotional intelligence and motivate team building, then you want a speaker who can MOVVE™ everyone.  MOVVE™ is the emotionally intelligent practice of Elite Motivation where the motto “Actions Create Change” becomes visible reality.  I brought learning to life with the 3 Movve Guidelines  and the 5 Stages of Elite Motivation.  These are only two of the fifty plus MOVVE™ Active Actions that ensure what is learned, gets applied.

As you might have suspected, those 5 Stages are Connect, Challenge, Co-Create, Celebrate and Commit.  Rather than just telling folks about them, they set the stage for learning through application when you apply them in order.  Anytime you run a meeting, these 5 Stages of Elite Motivation are the format to use when you want to coordinate cooperation and partnership.

Movve loge EliteWhen you’re ready for productive action, let me know and I’ll coach you to become a MOVVE™ Master.  You will improve your rapport and emotional intelligence with specialized emotionally smart motivation skills as you build goal seeking teamwork to ensure success.

Break those traditional rules and make your MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation today!


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