ACTIONS Speak Louder Than Words, Knowledge Or Good Intentions!











Most managers and business owners are sick and tired of all the excuses, distractions and defiance employees use to sabotage job performance.  Instead of the quality work we pay them for, we tolerate all their lame explanations and failures.  Toss in a favorite justification like, “That’s not in my job description” and last-straw pink slips fire both their future and ours.

Our desperate hope of hiring people with the RIGHT attitude, work ethics and skills seem to fade almost as soon as we hand out that first paycheck.  Our expectations get dashed when true colors emerge after job routines are learned.  That hefty cost of rehiring and retraining means we often endure poor performances and attitudes.  Until now!

Here is a workforce reality.  People usually don’t take a job to be lazy, negative, hostile or apathetic.  It is not their intention to avoid doing quality work, cause miscommunications, have a poor attitude or to sabotage teamwork.  None of that was visible in their work resume or interview.  Unfortunately, it all too often turns out that way, true?

People change and become workplace deficits for a variety of reasons too lengthy to list here.  The common factor in this “Jekyll and Hyde” about-face is that their stresses have become too much to handle.  These pressures are either on the job or back at home.  Personal or professional OR both.

If a person feels they can’t resolve demands at work or home, they endure it.  They try to cope, put up with it and attempt to “do their best.” They are now experiencing that burr under the saddle, the fly in the ointment and the toxin that will poison the well.   Analogies aside, feelings are the energy that creates avoidance of quality work, miscommunication, poor attitudes and teamwork turndowns.  Welcome to laziness, negativity, hostility and apathy.  Emotional intelligence anyone?

Staff development trainings aim for the brain.  These intellectual IQ boosts are information heavy.   They pack in all the knowledge to do your job so you can work better.  Oops! IQ is not the problem.  It’s the EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) that needs a tune up.  EQ represents emotional smarts, flexibility, resilience and motivation.  Traditional trainings stick to facts, stats and science.  If you ever attend one that tackles stress or conflict resolutions, they use left-brain IQ info to deal with right-brain EQ needs.  Oil and water.  That’s like trying to tell a person what to feel.  Does telling someone NOT to be lazy, negative, hostile or apathetic work?  EVER?

Feelings and emotions are the energy that drives attitudes and actions.  So if your workplace is burdened with behaviors that hurt performance, teamwork or profits, it’s time for ACTION.  Learning how to manage feelings and emotions does not happen when you KNOW about emotional intelligence.  When it comes to shifting toxic feelings into more productive ones – knowledge and good intentions will never replace experience.


Feelings result from what we experience.  If you get hurt when you fall off the horse, everyone knows you must get back on the horse.  Why?  Because having a better horse experience will change hurt into happy. Taking action creates experiences that can transform feelings and emotions.  Want emotionally intelligent motivation that creates productive behaviors?  MOVVE!™

I’ve been using MOVVE™ which is the application of Elite Motivation that communicates with emotionally intelligent communication practices for over 25 years to rid toxic behaviors and attitudes from the workplace.  MOVVE!™ combines IQ smarts with EQ practices so participants experience how to improve behaviors, communication, emotional resilience, flexibility, motivation and choice.  The result:  productivity and profits!


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