Accountability Drives Productivity

A successful training is really in the residue.  When planning a training event most argue over what will make it a success.  Some stipulate the timing, topic or setting.  Still others advocate the handouts and materials.  Most herald the skills of the presenter to engage and keep participants from falling asleep.  All make good points, but isn’t having your staff apply what they’re learning what it’s really all about?  So, if it’s a successful training you want, then there can be only one answer, and it’s in the residue.

Usually what’s left over after trainings are memories, potential and promises.  All fade quickly.  The promise of taking what you’ve learned back to the office typically follows the road of good intentions.  Nice plan, no follow-through.  The best residual after training isn’t flashbacks or what you meant to do.  It’s the active results back on the job that give you the best return on investment, right?

Sure, it’s important to put on a good training!  What’s even more central though is what comes afterwards.  After all, isn’t the marriage even more important than the wedding ceremony?  Our escalating divorce rate is substantial proof of that, right?  So how come there are wedding planners but no marriage planners?  Hmmmmm…  Sure, there are marriage counselors, but they come into play when the marriage is already in the toilet.  Seems like training planners are focused on the wrong event.  After all, what’s really more important?

“Shoosh!” Hear that?  That’s your training dollars going down the drain when you don’t plan for application.  Seems like there’s a better MOVVE™ with Elite Motivation to make here.

Whenever I’m contracted to do a training, I use partnership strategies to ensure profitable results.  During the training, participants are teamed with a partner.  Everyone become an advocate of what is being taught because your teammate’s subsequent performance back on the job becomes part of your job.  Don’t you love shared responsibility?   Setting up accountability partners can really put those dollars back in your pocket.

Accountability partnering is a two-fold score.  First, you’re responsible to learn what is being taught.  Next, you’re there to ensure your partner becomes proficient at incorporating these new skills.  “One, two, MOVVE!™ and do”, is our accountability motto.  You get to learn, apply and then help another do the same.  Instead of dozing off during the content and visual-aids, you now explore how it all will be applied back on the job.  After all, putting new information that improves job performance is where the real profit begins, right?

Having partnership teams elevates new learning to “training of trainers” significance.  Everyone gets focused and wants details of how this new information transfers to on-the-job applications.  EQ communication thus gets prime rehearsal time.  Unlike most trainings, where everyone is intent on coffee breaks or taking longer lunches, these participants are motivated to learn.  Accountability breeds responsibility.  It raises the bar.

When Human Resource departments or insistent managers demand staff development trainings they often focus on the wrong thing.  Sure information, materials and a “stay-awake” trainer are important.  Just don’t forget the real return on investment.  It’s found in the residue.  MOVVE™ is my Elite Motivation practice that connects IQ with EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) using specialized emotionally intelligent communication skills to create better productivity, teamwork and goal success.  It’s a PRACTICE!  That means you have to APPLY what you’ve learned or you haven’t changed anything.  Practice, practice, practice!  That’s the best MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation with the best payoff.



Book Cover5When you have direction and a destination toward improvement, it just takes practice.  Get on that practice  MOVVE with Elite Motivation!

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