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On the job training is costly.  You pay for the trainer, materials and all the hours employees spend away from their job.  The reason to invest time and dollars on training?  Profits!  The money realized from improvements is a significant business building asset.  There are other benefits too, but the biggest incentive to employee training is the bottom line.

When employees increase their skills, their company has better services and products they can offer customers.  Ka-ching!    A line from the movie Field of Dreams says it all.  “If you build it, they will come.”  This speaks to the value of trainings that build skills.

Of course employers still haven’t successfully plugged the biggest drain on their training dollars.  Cash flow gets continuously sabotaged by “people issues.”   These are on the job dramas generated by poor execution of leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, team building, motivation, conflict resolution, stress management, behavior building or simply running a meeting.

The cost of all the delays, detours and destruction caused by these deficiencies is exorbitant.  Instead of blazing ahead with teamed productivity, managers and workers waste hours everyday putting out fires, starting fires or just tolerating all the heat.  The impact of this continuous ineptitude burns up profits.

The usual response to this constant money burn is to offer “people skills” training.  These courses are suppose to teach and explain so participants understand their problems and how to fix them.  Certificates verify they now have “people skills.”

Statistics show that the return on investment with these “soft skills” seminars is less than 15%.  Why?  Because learning how to build a car engine is completely different than learning how to drive the car.  Technical skills training and people skills training is like night and day.  It’s such a shame that the way trainers teach isn’t different too.

Technical skill training deals with facts, stats and science.  Brain food, IQ snacks.  Typical people skills training classes follow this traditional brainy IQ path.  They continue to ignore what all their facts, stats and science swear is essential in building people skills – EQ, our emotional intelligence quotient.  Oh sure, they’ll share all the logic of EQ so it’s understood.  They just don’t structure a comprehensive practice to develop these essential skills.

Typically, in traditional people skills training, an individual returns to their job armed with new skills and plans.  Their IQ brain is brimming with the new, the better, the way of the future.  Then their “new” collides with the old.  They face their co-workers, supervisors, company policies and an entire organizational culture doing what they always do.  The short time spent in a training class does little to change the interactive patterns practiced for years. 

The result:  those new skills and plans don’t have a chance.  Behaviors are fueled by feelings.  Maintaining familiar patterns is comfortable and change threatens that comfort.  IQ ideals won’t penetrate the emotional shields that defend habits, patterns and the way it’s always been done.  Those training dollars just go up in smoke.

Successful people skills training require a multitude of cooperating factors.  Not only are you investing in the time to learn a correct or better way of doing something, it takes time to unlearn and stop what you’re used to doing.  This means shedding old patterns and habits and starting new ones.  This behavior building requires participation beyond the trainee in class.  It’s time to make a MOVVE™ to a much more profitable and productive training procedure!

MOVVE Logo 2015MOVVE™ is the procedural application of Elite Motivation because feelings are what fuel thoughts, attitudes and actions.  MOVVE™ uses specialized emotionally intelligent communication practices to ignite and sustain attitudes, skill building and on-the-job accomplishments.  This is not a one time, one size fits all but a customized collaboration that ensures we address your issues and goals.  Each letter of MOVVE™ represents our successful motivational mix of inspiration, organization, imagination, communication, accountability and goal-driven attitudes strengthen with emotional intelligence.

The “M” is Mobilize, which emphasizes that learning isn’t just about expanding minds and gray matter.  “Actions Create Change” is our motto to rally the emotional motivation to ensure information becoming application.  “O” is how we Organize attitudes and actions so goals are delivered on time.  “V” is Visualize because seeing how to apply new skills and patterns is vital in breaking old habits.  That second “V” Verbalize speaks with leadership listening skills that motivate a teamed pursuit of goals.  The “E” ensures participants Energize their brains and behaviors with the emotional motivation of active attitudes that drive and sustain the application of  new learning.

When you want to increase your bottom line, invest in your people.  We have a MOVVE Goal-Getter™ program that makes improvement and prosperity a visible reality.  Make your MOVVE™ to better productivity and profits!


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