A Practice of Personal & Professional Improvement

MOVVE™ is the procedural application of Elite Motivation that drives individuals and teams to achieve goals.   Why “elite motivation?”  Because FEELINGS fuel all our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.  MOVVE!™ combines IQ (Brain Smarts) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) with specialized communication practices. You will rally goal-driven attitudes, behaviors and teamwork into successful accomplishments.

MOVVE™ beyond past failures and enter a period of inspiration and skill building.  Here you experience continuous improvement.  Don’t expect a laundry list of helpful tips and suggestions.  Knowledge may be power, but brain smarts alone don’t translate to success.  MOVVE™ is not just a book you read like the “Seven Habits” or “Good to Great” or ANY self-help dogma that reeks with popularity and failed application.

MOVVE Logo 2015MOVVE™ puts emotionally intelligent communication into PRACTICE.  Information, knowledge or good intentions won’t change anything without practice.  Applying all those great insights, information and inspiration is what MOVVE!™ is all about!

The motto of MOVVE™ is “Actions Create Change” so get ready to experience the application of knowledge.  Whether through a MOVVE™ Coach who offers personalized attention or a MOVVE™ class where learning is participation, your actions will create your success.

MOVVE! is a practice that is spelled out with each letter.  The “M” ignites you to Mobilize your feelings, instincts and insights to take action toward your goal.  Next, it’s all about Organize as you create a scene-by-scene storyboard to direct those productive actions.  Visualize opens your eyes to see yourself applying better behaviors and attitudes scene after scene.  Verbalize communicates listening and talking skills that create a supportive and goal-driven team.  Energize fuels your pursuit of success with inspiring and resilient emotional motivation.  All together, MOVVE!™ generates goal success!

Wanting to achieve a goal is much more than knowing how.  MOVVE!™ applies knowledge, ensuring you accomplish your goals by using your know-how with emotional intelligence that speaks motivation through communication.

Assisting with your emersion into action applications are the Three Movve Guidelines.  “It’s OK to Be Uncomfortable” is the first Guideline which gives permission to savor feelings like anxiety, frustration or embarrassment.  Usually we dread feelings like these.  We don’t want to experience them so we avoid them at all costs.  This changes when you MOVVE™ because emotional motivation is applied so negative feelings transition to more productive energies.

Getting uncomfortable signals that you are on the right track.  When you are trying out new skills you enter an awkward phase.  Welcome it because as you learn skills those uncomfortable feelings will pass.  Better attitudes and actions don’t come without risk-taking.  Keep focused on your goals and let “It’s OK to Be Uncomfortable,” be the reassurance to pursue better skills and accomplishments.  After all, changing old familiar patterns, routines and habits is essential for improving behaviors and attitudes!

The other two Guidelines further fuel an EQ buoyancy and motivation.  Together they help ensure a transformation to fresh and positive attitudes and behaviors.  MOVVE™ is much more than just three Guidelines.  Remember, it’s a comprehensive Practice that motivates you to apply all that IQ knowledge you’ve collected so better results happen time after time.

When you want to improve your skills and accomplishments, consider this brain booster:  When IQ and EQ combines into a driving force for success that will not be denied, you’re into Elite Motivation and on the MOVVE!”

Make your MOVVE!™  Start today!


My first book, Elite Motivation, can be found on Kindle and Amazon.  Follow this link to find out about it: goo.gl/OPZXsp

My Guidebook, which offers a graphic filled step-by-step format, can also be found on Amazon and Kindle.  Here’s the link:  MOVVE – The Five Keys of Elite Motivation

Contact Jamie Cox M.Ed., (509) 396-4307, email: themovve@charter.net or at our website: themovve.com  Discover MOVVE™ our procedural application of Elite Motivation that walks the talk of messages, information and knowledge.






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