“What We’ve Got Here Is… Failure To Communicate”

“Reality, what a concept,” was said by Robin Williams. Does that explain why antidepressants are our number one prescribed pharmaceutical?  Is it the reason why over 50% of marriages divorce?  Does it clarify the attitude of those in authority who say, “Good enough for government work”? What about when we repeatedly fail in our promises, potential and good intentions?  Should we bring back that Nickelodeon TV show, “Clarissa Explains It All,” so we can get some answers?  Actually, I think the line from that Paul Newman classic, says it best, “What We’ve Got Here… Is Failure To Communicate.”

Pharmaceuticals are how we treat depression.  What If suddenly every depressed person became skilled communicators?  They could then easily express themselves, their situation and feelings.  Since they possess great communicative gifts, generating listeners would be a cinch.  With engaging powers of persuasion, a person would have a tough time staying depressed.  After all, when you have the tools to effectively communicate, conflicts get resolved, situations improve and feelings change.

Being an effective communicator means you have the ability to connect with others, confront issues and coordinate teamwork to achieve goals.     Of course, the key essential to being a real communicator is Emotional Intelligence!  Being able to transition fuming anger or stifling frustration to more resourceful emotions like determination or confidence is vital in communication.  So is being able to switch anxiety or hopelessness into serenity or optimism.  Communicating with emotional intelligence opens up so many doors and opportunities that assure a brighter future.

People who are stuck in toxic feelings, speak in a limiting tone.  There is no big picture perceptions or ability to reason out yin/yang choices.  They “see though a glass, darkly,” mired in feelings that allow no freedom, no way out.  Their thoughts and behaviors contribute to this muck and since emotional intelligence is absent, so is good communication.

A person divorces because the love they feel during the wedding fails to find expression within the daily routines of marriage.  If one isn’t listening to the other, love won’t thrive.  If you’re asking what does love need to grow, prosper and live the bonds of matrimony, then I’m going to go with that “C” word – Communication.

What if every couple became a skilled communicator?  Words would get heard, big picture yin and yangs would be shared and love would breathe because daily communication beats with negotiation, confrontation and feelings expressed.  No courtroom, jury or lawyers need apply.

Now what if government workers and ALL workers became skilled communicators?  WOW, that certainly would change things.  Authority couldn’t wield a blind hammer because a workforce of the people, by the people and for the people would be communicating.

Policies and procedures would have to work or voices would be raised and better methods established.  You couldn’t bait and switch, or fail to deliver on your promises because when communication speaks, truth is expressed.  Your job thus becomes the best place to work!  Good communication ensures teamed cooperation with emotions and actions in sync generating productivity and profits for all.

“What if…” can become “WHEN” by making a MOVVE™ to Elite Motivation and toward building better emotionally smarter communication skills.  Let me help.  I communicate with emotional intelligence examples in my workshops, seminars and individual coaching.  These are very achievable skills that can be yours.  YOU have to step up!  This is your reality, this is your life.  Run a better show.  Make Paul Newman proud!



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